Childcare Fees:


Adventureland Daycare will provide care for 51 weeks each year.  Hours of operation are
7:00 am to 5:15 pm.  Late charges of $5.00 for every five minutes will apply if parents are late to pick up their children.  This is to be paid to the closing staff for accommodating the late children.

Childcare Fees:        July 1, 2018

2yr old program            $640.00

3 yr olds (not potty trained)    $640.00

3 & 4 yr olds    $620.00   

After School Care          $360.00    

Full time summer care     $620.00
(After school age)

After School Age :  If your child is attending daycare during full weeks (March Break, Christmas Break and last week of June) there will be an additional $100 added to your monthly fee.

Monthly fees are required on the first day of each month.  Fees can be paid by cheques made out to Adventureland Daycare or e-transfers.  Post-dated cheques are accepted and will be deposited on the first working day of each month.  Yearly receipts will be issued for income tax purposes.  Subsidized services may be available to eligible families.  Further information may be obtained from the Director.  Full fees are required each month, regardless of Holidays, vacations or absenteeism.

All fees are due in full by the first working day of each month.  A late payment charge of $25 will be charged on all late payments after the 5th of each month.  If payment arrangements are made and not kept then parents will be notified that the child must be withdrawn until fees are paid in full.
If a cheque is returned N.S.F there will be a $25.00 fee that will need to be paid immediately along with the monthly payment.  After 2 NSF cheques, we will only accept etransfer or cash.