Program Development:


Programs are re-evaluated and revised regularly in accordance with the latest research in child development.  A newsletter will be sent home informing parents of these changes, as well as topics of interest and Adventureland News/outings. 


Each age group Educator is responsible to prepare and implement a monthly program which will include activities and learning opportunities for the children.  This will include songs, finger plays, storytelling as well as creative experiences with various materials.  A weekly program will be posted in each room with more detailed programming.  Please feel free to view this at any time.


All of our programs are planned to meet both the level of experience and interests of each age group, as well as their developmental needs: social, intellectual, creative, physical, and emotional.


Adventureland Day Care follows the New Brunswick Curriculum Frame Work for Early Learning and Child Care, which emphasizes the following goals:


·Well Being

·Play and Playfulness

·Communication and Literacy

·Diversity and Social Responsibility


*Please Note:

For more information on the New Brunswick Curriculum Frame for Early Learning & Child Care you can visit: